Monday, January 7, 2008

Trade ya!

Mmmmkay, so I was inspired by the guy from one red paperclip. If you've never heard this story, it happens to be the story of a dude who traded one red paperclip for a house. That is, he made trades until he had a house. Or, put simply, he traded a red paperclip for a fish pen, then the fish pen for a doorknob, then the doorknob for a portable stove. In all, he made 14 trades. 14. Now, you read correctly when you read that I am inspired. I have secured a paperclip of my own.

However, mine happens to be yellow. And small. Also, I happen to be aiming for a car. Not just any car; I am looking to secure an old (60's or 70's era) muscle car of some variety or other. One that is in good condition with a hard top.

Also, I now realize that some other dolts seem to have stolen my idea in advance. Whatever. Do I care? No.

Now, this would be shameful for me to do; that is, rip off some other guy's brilliant idea to play one-up with a house. But you know what? 1. He encourages that type of thing, AND 2. I'm not calling my site something stupid that sounds like a ripoff, such as....."one yellow paperclip."

No. I am instead offering to play a legitimate game of "one up".

So anyways, if you want to trade (and hopefully you live in the Houston, Texas area), either feel free to comment or you can e-mail me at "".

And if you don't want to trade, wish me luck!